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Effective communication
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The benefits of working with a strong PR agency are not only to raise awareness in a highly competitive world, but to also have an extended representation that helps a brand expand on its business development, further branching out to relevant audiences; whilst creatively evolving with the times to maximise exposure globally.

Sekoya Communications is a multilingual PR and communications agency that provides bespoke campaigns and services in the UK and internationally, specialising in luxury PR. Our dynamic and personable team is made up of knowledgeable luxury PR consultants, and experts in international media relations. We work hand in hand with Clients to provide a personalised service, with targeted results benchmarked against their business and marketing needs.

Our strong sector insight and creative input, paired with our strategic consultancy and solid relationships with media and influencers, allow us to effectively advise brands so they remain relevant whilst being ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving world. 

We are listeners and strive to be an extension of the in-house team in order to better understand brand values, company culture and purpose. Like our Clients, we believe in quality, impact, exceptional service and attention to detail. We immerse ourselves in the brands we represent with collaborative openness and effective internal communication, in order to deliver upon our promises at the highest standards.

Like our Clients, we believe in quality, impact, exceptional service and attention to detail.

Our Clients are outstanding brands with reputable integrity and admirable values - from excellence in craftsmanship to innovative design and technology. We do not only deliver on communicating news and launches; but also finding compelling, versatile stories surrounding these exceptional brands that will set them apart, in line with their DNA. 

We believe in being avant-garde, supporting our Clients to be leaders in everything they do.

Media Reach:

We offer curated PR campaigns in UK and US markets with demonstrable experience with projects in UAE, Scandinavia, France and Germany. We work with an extensive list of authoritative media and influencers on a daily basis. Our media reach includes consumer, national, regional, digital, social, business and broadcast.


Map of locations Based in London Trusted Network
Based in London

Based in London, we are a multicultural and multilingual agency delivering impactful results in the UK as well as the US, UAE, Scandinavia, France and Germany

Based in London

We also have a trusted network of global communication partners which enables us to successfully undertake and coordinate global campaigns in Australasia, China and Brazil.

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